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The e-Estonia presentation provides an overview of the main indicators of the information society including electronic identification, e-services, interoperability and education, and provides relevant success stories complemented by the latest statistics and speaking points. PowerPoint files have speaking points with tons of additional information in the notes box. However, if you are swamped and need help processing these materials, come to Tallinn and visit our Briefing Centre, and we will provide you with a comprehensive overview!

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e-Estonia stories

e-Estonia stories unpack and explain our e-state solutions, beginning with the problems that we set out to solve and ultimately presenting the results we have achieved. You will find different topics with stories that open up the powerful innovation that is e-Estonia.
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  • e-Estonia and efficiency
  • e-Estonia and the lessons we have learned
  • e-Estonia as the place things happen first
  • e-Estonia and freedom and dispersion
  • e-Estonia and cyber defence
  • Main facts about e-Estonia



e-Estonia podcast "The Art of Digitalisation" brings you exciting guest and stories around digitalisation.

I Seto tantsupidu


Estonia brand Toolbox provides you with photos and materials of different topics around Estonia.


e-Estonia Youtube channel brings you interviews and informational videos about e-Estonia.

Estonian Tech & IT solutions

The fast track online platform that showcases Estonian IT companies’ experiences in implementing digital solutions both in Estonia and worldwide. Additionally, it also provides access to companies and a search feature to allow users to find experts in specific areas of digitalisation. Any user in any field can find the right partner to assist them in their digitalisation efforts.

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Estonians using internet voting

% number of people participating

Estonian Parliament
European Parliament
Local government council elections

Number of e-residents


e-resident companies

Electronic ID & digital state services

Estonian residents have ID card
State services that are online
Estonians who use ID-card regularly
Employees in ICT sector
Number of startups
Number of unicorns

Our highest rankings

# 1
Digital public services
# 2
Internet freedom
Freedom House
# 1
Online Services Index
UN e-Government Survey
# 3
Global Cybersecurity Index
International Telecommunication Union
# 1
Tax Competitiveness Index
Tax Foundation
# 6
Digital Government Index
# 12
Corruption Perceptions Index
Transparency International

e-Estonia guide (full booklet)

Estonia is a success story that has grown out of a partnership involving a forward-thinking government, a proactive IT sector, and a switched-on tech-savvy population. This booklet gives you a quick overview of the information society and the development of e-services in Estonia.

Available in English (updated 06.02.2023)




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