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The e-Estonia Live webinar series is hosted weekly on our e-Estonia Facebook page. It’s a time where we connect with Estonian state experts and company representatives to discuss current issues and the developments within e-Estonia.

For those who might have missed the webinars when they were live, this article will give a rundown of the webinars’ key points since last month. And for those who don’t want to miss a moment, we’ll also provide links to the rebroadcasts. Catch up on what you missed and see what’s to come!

Adventures in a safe cyberspace

In May 2020, Estonia held the presidency of the UN Security Council, using this time in the spotlight to emphasise emerging cyber security threats. Here at the Briefing Centre, we hoped to complement this sentiment by inviting two cybersecurity experts to this week’s webinar. Joining our Digital Transformation Adviser, Anett Numa, was Piret Urb, the Head of International Relations at the Information System Authority (RIA) and Jaak Tarien, Director of The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). The three of them had an insightful conversation on the roles of both RIA and the NATO CCDCOE in the cyber security ecosystem, how the state of emergency affected their operations, and what some of the biggest achievements and lessons have been from the past few years.

Proactive services that work for you

This week’s webinar revolved around proactive services and how it fits into the concept of a seamless state. To discuss what exactly this entails, Anett Numa meets with representatives from both the public and private sectors to go into detail and provide practical examples of proactive services. Guests included Janek Rozov, Strategy Director at the Information Technology and Development Centre of The Ministry of Interior, and Andre Krull, Managing Director at Nortal. Mr. Rozov, who has been deemed “the father of proactive services,” enlightens us about how this process began in Estonia, and goes into what some of the main challenges have been along the way. While, Mr. Krull shares his insights from the perspective of a company for which “building a seamless society” is the primary vision.

Charting a digital course

Is there a roadmap for nations to follow in implementing digital services? Or is each case unique? To answer these questions, our Digital Transformation Adviser Florian Marcus steers the conversation along with this week’s guest, Riho Kurg, Head of Data Exchange Technologies at Cybernetica. Together they discuss the experiences and lessons learned firsthand from Cybernetica’s international projects. And especially diving further into the example of Benin, touching upon some of the most awe-inspiring developments, biggest surprises, unique challenges, and achievements. In the latter half, they answer some insightful questions from the audience, exploring more about how governments have convinced the public to use digital services. Plus, how privacy concerns in African countries like Benin compare to those in Europe, as well as which principles of digitalisation seem to be universal across the world.


Digitising your legal system

In our latest webinar, the topic revolves around the role that automation and digitisation play in making judicial systems more efficient, secure and transparent. And since Estonia is poised to make legislation fully digital, Anett Numa was joined by two guests who discussed how to make that happen: Martin Karner, eJustice Director at Net Group LTD and Evelyn Tohvri, Lawyer at Tallinn City Government. The three of them examined the current state of Estonia’s e-justice system, which Net Group has played a key role in developing. Where did the need for such a system come from? What is the necessary foundation for such a system to function? And what role will AI play for justice systems in the future? They also shed light on how lockdown and remote working affected Tallinn City Government, and how a partnership between the two entities led to the development of a digital solution to combat the circumstances.


And stay tuned for what’s to come! This week our webinar is moved to Thursday, so we can bring in 2 great experts in the field of i-voting. Join our host Florian Marcus, as he digs into the topic with Sven Heiberg, Product Manager at Smartmatic-Cybernetica C.O.E for Internet Voting and Arne Koitmäe, Deputy Head of the State Electoral Office. Together, they will discuss how the i-voting system was developed in Estonia, what makes it unique, and what challenges the system has faced over the years. See you there!


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