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seamless state

What it takes to build a seamless state

Estonia has come a long way in building a world leading e-society. We have implemented a successful digital ID system, made 99% of our services available online and launched an e-residency programme to expand the benefits of our e-state beyond borders. Looking into the future, we aim to build a fully digital seamless state with the fundamental principles of democracy and privacy at its core.

With great ambitions, however, new challenges are guaranteed to occur. We have compiled an overview of the 6 main topics to be considered on the journey of becoming a fully digital state.

Democracy, technology and cyber security

A strong technological architecture is a vital building block of any seamless digital society. Yet technology should not become an end in itself. The principles of building an e-state remain the same as developing a state in the traditional sense. The protection of rights and liberties needs to be translated into the context of the internet the same way they apply in the physical space. The adoption of technology in governance plays a vital role in shaping political processes and changing our understanding of the state. We must therefore assume responsibility in steering it in the right direction.

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Legislation, privacy and international cooperation

While legislation is often viewed as an obstacle to innovation, we recognise the necessity to promote the harmonious co-existence of the two. The legal framework that is developed alongside the e-state should seek to enable experimentation without excessive risk-taking. This allows stakeholders to innovate freely and tackle governance issues with creative solutions such as AI, while remaining within the borders of a legal order. While most of these processes take place on the national level, this also paves the way for new opportunities for international cooperation.

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visit the e-estonia briefing centre

visit the e-estonia briefing centre

The goal of e-Estonia Briefing Centre is to inspire global policy makers, political leaders, corporate executives, investors and international media with the success story of e-Estonia and build links to leading IT service providers.

The e-Estonia Briefing Centre has become a must-see destination, hosting over 10,000 international decision-makers every year. Make sure to book your visit in advance.

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