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The 21st century citizen-centred state and service-oriented society requires information systems to function as an integrated whole to support citizens and organisations. There must be interoperability between different organisations and information systems.

In other words they must be able to work together and data only needs to be requested from the citizen once. Estonia’s solution for maintaining a modern state is X-Road, which saves Estonians 1345 years of working time every year.


X-Road®, an open-source software and ecosystem solution that provides unified and secure data exchange between private and public sector organisations, is the backbone of e-Estonia. Invisible yet crucial, it allows the nation’s various public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.

Estonia’s X-Road environment “X-tee” – where the name of X-Road derives from – includes a full range of services for the general public, and since each service has its own information system, they all rely on X-Road. To ensure secure transfers, all outgoing data is digitally signed and encrypted, and all incoming data is authenticated and logged.

X-Road connects different information systems that may include a variety of services. It has developed into a tool that can also write to multiple information systems, transmit large data sets and perform searches across several information systems simultaneously. X-Road was designed with growth in mind, so it can be scaled up as new e-services and platforms come online.

52 000

organisations as indirect users of X-Road services


transactions per year

over 3000

e-services available

Today, X-Road is implemented in over 20 countries around the world. Similar technologies such as UXP, PlanetCross and Roksnet based on the Estonian interoperability experience have also been implemented in several countries.

X-Road provides built-in support for cross-border data exchange through federation, which means joining two X-Road ecosystems. Members of the federated ecosystems can publish and consume services with each other as if they were members of the same ecosystem. The federation between Estonia and Finland was established in February 2018.


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