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The e-Estonia Live webinar series is hosted weekly on our e-Estonia Facebook page, where we connect with Estonian state experts and company representatives to discuss current issues and the developments within e-Estonia.

Despite a minor technical difficulty, our Facebook Live took off with our two wonderful guests, Karen K. Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of Visory and Ursel Velve, Member of the Management Board of the business campus, Mainor Ülemiste. Together they tackled the question, how can AI help us increase quality of life. The ensuing discussion was based on the example of the partnership between Visory and Mainor Ülemiste during the past 7 months.

AI computer vision systems, such as that of Visory’s, can help inform urban planning to a great extent. A few years ago, when Mainor Ülemiste faced customer dissatisfaction with parking on their business campus, Visory was one of the first companies they turned to. How did Visory’s AI platform help solve this problem? And further, how will the realisation of future infrastructure projects affect current planning? Last but definitely not least, our guests of course arrive at the question of privacy. With increased data gathering on public behaviour, how can privacy still be protected in these projects?

During the second half of the live webinar, we looked at the great questions sent by the audience: Have the results of these projects already been felt by the residents of the city? How do these projects plan for a more climate friendly future? And finally, what about the common fears surrounding the development of AI – will we eventually be replaced by machines?

Watch the recording for the full discussion:


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