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e-Estonia Live: Quality of life in a digitally advanced country

The e-Estonia Live webinar series is hosted weekly on our e-Estonia Facebook page, where we connect with Estonian state experts and company representatives to discuss current issues and the developments within e-Estonia.

As Estonia recently launched the Digital Nomad Visa, it was about time we discussed what it’s like to live in Estonia, not just from an entrepreneurial point of view, but also for regular residents. This Wednesday, three immigrants took the stage to talk about their experiences. Our Digital Transformation Adviser Florian Marcus was joined by Alex Wellmann, Marketing and Communication Team Lead for the e-Residency programme, and Swiss e-Resident-turned-actual-resident Oliver Gasser who is also the Founder and CEO of Moduulo.

Together they started the live talk by discussing e-Residency. Why did Estonia launch this innovative programme and what does it exactly entail? Our guests then answered how has digitalisation impacted their quality of life in Estonia and what e-services have played a role in that? Further, they shined a light on the positive and also some not so positive surprises when it comes to life in Estonia. And last, but certainly not least, the discussion touched upon the Digital Nomad Visa – what is it, who is it for and what are its benefits?

Watch the recording for the full discussion:


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