Terms and Conditions for Data Processing

  • All personal data collected upon booking (name, organisation, work e-mail and country) will be kept confidential in Enterprise Estonia’s information system. We will not sell, share or rent the collected data to third parties. Visitor data will be used internally for the purpose of improving services and marketing the topics listed in clause 1, including providing feedback to visitors or their representative, and supplying the visitor before and after the visit with information related to the objectives listed in clause 1 of the rules for visiting the e-Estonia Showroom.
  • The name of the group and the date of the visit will be published in the weekly newsletter of the Showroom.
  • At the request of the organiser, prior information on VIP visits will not be disclosed, although the visit of the entire delegation will be covered in the weekly newsletter and social media after the visit.
  • When submitting visitor data to Enterprise Estonia, the organiser is aware that he/she is submitting the data listed in clause 4 of the visitation rules and that Enterprise Estonia is involved in the aforementioned procedures. By the time of booking the Showroom, the visitors in the delegation will have given their consent to the organiser to process their data under the above Terms and Conditions. Upon booking the Showroom, the organiser shall communicate the consent of the organiser and the delegation members for the processing of their personal data.
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