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Estonia’s e-Business Register is an advanced and secure tool that allows entrepreneurs to register their new business online in just minutes, without having to go to a notary or some other official.

List of functions:

  • Register a new company over the internet
  • Change data in the business register
  • File annual reports
  • Administrate members list of political parties
  • Detailed inquires of other companies

From 2011, most company submissions were made over the internet with e-Business Register

Company Registration

All it takes to register a company is an ID card, and ID card reader and an Internet connection. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Step 1: The entrepreneur logs onto the portal using an ID card
  • Step 2: He or she fills in the necessary information
  • Step 3: The founder or founders electronically sign the documents
  • Step 4: Fees and share capital are transferred through the Internet
  • Step 5: The entrepreneur sends the application with just one click

All of the information is automatically sent to the courts and the Central Commercial Register, and a confirmation is received a few minutes later.


The e-Residency program allows non-Estonian citizens to access the e-Business register and use the digital solutions. The e-Business register makes registering a company through to submitting annual reports online easy and efficient for users. e-Residents can find more information at the Business Registry here.


Get in touch now with the developers of e-Business Register!


e-Business Register is one of the Components that make up the digital society of Estonia. This e-solution is provided by the company Nortal and the agency RIK – Centre of Registers and Information Systems.


  • RIK – Centre of Registers and Information Systems: find out more about all the services offered by the company on their official website. If you are interested in getting in touch with them, you are more than welcome to do it.

Introduced in: 2007


  • Decreased time of starting business from 5 days to 18 minutes.
  • Country more attractive to investors
  • Reduction of administrative resources spent

Did you know?

The e-Business Register-First Place Winner for the 2015 United Nations Public Service Award
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