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e-Talks: Government CIO Siim Sikkut on AI strategy

This round of e-Talks features the Estonian Government CIO Siim Sikkut. We sat down to learn about the recently published national “Kratt” or AI strategy, which was created by experts led by Sikkut. The “Kratt” strategy aims to provide a framework for accelerating AI development across public and private sectors as well as education and research. Acceleration would, of course, give Estonia a competitive advantage in the rapidly emerging world of machine learning and AI-based solutions and the public sector is taking a leading role in this.

Naturally, the interview answers the question what exactly is “Kratt” – both in the mythological and technological sense. We also talked about AI solutions that are already working, necessary investments and building upon open source materials, Estonian potential to surpass other countries, exchanging knowledge and, of course, what happens now that the strategy is ready and published.



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