Weekly Press Review | Click & Grow blooms with a fresh set of funding

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Smart gardener Click & Grow blooms with a fresh set of funding

Estonian indoor gardening startup Click & Grow secured a new $11 million from its latest financing round. The two new strategic investors are IKEA’s Ingka Group and French consortium Groupe SEB. The US-based seed accelerator Y Combinator and China’s Yunqi VC also participated in the round.

The funds raised will be used for worldwide expansion and to promote the hyper-local gardening. The company currently has a foothold in the United States, Europe, and Singapore.

Click & Grow’s Smart Garden is a tech-enabled self-maintaining plant box that allows anyone to grow fruits and herbs with minimal effort.

This article was originally published in Emerging-Europe. Read the full article here


Tallinn hailed as the ideal destination for digital nomads

Forbes featured in their website the top 11 best destinations for digital nomads. The list compiled by Website Planet, an online resource site for establishing and managing digital footprint, puts Tallinn in 10th spot overall for its advanced digital infrastructure mixed with a vibrant nightlife and low cost of living.

Website Planet also described Tallinn as the ’Best Digital Nomad Destination for New Business Owners’ and an ideal place for fintech professionals and entrepreneurs.

“Estonia’s e-Residency program makes it easy for non-residents to start up businesses in the country and has boosted the capital’s popularity among digital nomads,” the website added.

This article was originally published in Forbes. Read the full article here


Estonia continues to impress as a model digital nation

YourStory, an Indian media company that focuses on social entrepreneurship, covers e-Estonia and how the prototypical digital nation is transforming public administration.

e-Residency Managing Director Kaspar Korjus talked them through Estonia’s digital journey from how it began right after it regained independence in 1991 to what it is today and its plans for future.

Highlighted in the interview are X-Road, e-Residency, digital embassy programme, and how technology and governance can co-exist harmoniously.

“We are building AI-based services systems and processes, and will back it up with strong legal processes,” Kaspar noted.

This article was originally published in YourStory. Read the full article here




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