Weekly Press Review | Security and Privacy

This week’s press review shows that security and privacy have been on minds of many people.

Taavi Kotka discusses privacy, Big Brother and online voting

Kotka, who was Estonia’s first-ever CIO,  reflects on how citizens were incentivized in Estonia to start using digital services. Of course, on the either side of this are questions of trust – do citizens trust their goverments with their highly private data? And how does a country avoid turning into Big Brother?

This article was originally published in CUtoday. Read the full article here.


One country’s uber-convenient, incredibly invasive digital ID system

Wall Street Journal analyses the convenience of Estonian e-state solutions through interviews with a couple of notable Estonians. However, once again, on the other side of the coin remain questions of security, privacy and trust.

Here’s one thought that clearly stands out, though: digital identities are a fundamental human right. Would you agree?

This article was originally published in the Wall Street Journal. The full article is open to subscribers, read it here.


Cyberwar: the Estonian lessons

Estonia’s ambassador for cyber security, Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar, recently spoke at the Global Cyber Innovation Summit in Baltimore, USA.

She raised the question of how to responsibly regulate cyberspace on both national and international levels. Should the same rules apply to cyberspace as to actual physical space?

This article was originally published in The Cyber Wire. Read the full article here.


If you have 44 minutes to spare, listen to this talk by former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves at Stanford University about e-Governance. 

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