Volkswagen to use scooter rent service created by Estonians

Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer, has entered into a contract with the Estonian company to make use of the new Stigo Fleet electric bike renting service.

Volkswagen will use shared electric scooters on its facilities and head office in Wolfsburg and around its office in downtown Berlin. “Imagine a plant mechanic arriving to his work place in the morning, willing and happy to fit all Passat vehicles manufactured that day with wheels. And then he discovers he has left his wrench in the locker room … which is located in another building and he has to cross three rivers and a neighbouring village to reach it,” said the Business Manager of Stigo Fleet, Harold Saar, in describing a hypothetical situation. “Such daily movement and wasting of time is quite common in large facilities and VW is our first big account in Germany.”

Stigo Fleet represents a new service, which involves a monthly electric vehicle renting service and is available to business customers. Stigo Fleet services were first tested in downtown Tallinn with local enterprises and some of the Estonian customers include Taxify, Tehnopol, Hilton hotel, Ernst&Young, LHV Bank and Eesti Energia, among others.

Apart from the first test market of Tallinn, the company won contracts with enterprises this past spring in Beijing and Taipei, where the services provided by Stigo Fleet are used by the embassies of different countries. “However, since the launching of the services, our target market has been Germany, as German towns have good infrastructure, people use two wheel vehicles all year round and they are willing to embrace new solutions,” he added.

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