Tallinn yacht harbour is the first smart marina of Northern Europe

The Haven Kakumäe Marina, five-star yacht harbor of Tallinn, has recently become the most complete and modern maritime center of the Baltic Sea region. The infrastructure has been developed by Nordic Automation Systems, an Estonian-Norwegian industrial automation company specializing in sensor technologies, data analysis, and monitoring solutions. Smart City solutions are becoming a major part of every modern city: the main advantages consist in making people’s lives safer, collecting information to optimize services and to manage assets and resources efficiently.

The project of Kakumäe Marina goes in this direction. The LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology is unique because allows sensors to connect over long distances and in environments which previously were too expensive to connect: thanks to this network it was possible to install more than 45 outdoor lamps and over 500 meters of breakwater lighting. Moreover, the intelligent and lighting management system allows monitoring the light intensity, work mode and movement meaning that more electricity can be saved. At the same time also the pedestals installed on the 100 electrical docks will be equipped with NAS LoRaWAN electricity meter which provides 24 hours access.

“The installed wireless sensors controlled through the network play an important role in optimising the port’s operations. This technology enables the development of more intelligent harbor operation systems to provide more efficiency, cost reduction, and safety improvements,” says Viljo Veesaar, the founder of Nordic Automation Systems.

Photo credits: Keha3 


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