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Estonian e-scooter Stigo wins bronze at the Spark Design Awards

The jury of the international Spark Awards 2017  has named Stigo Ltd., the Estonian leading developer of electric vehicles for last mile traveling, bronze winner in Transport Design. The e-scooter Stigo is the world’s fastest folding electric vehicle which can be folded in few seconds, easily taken on every kind of public transportation and charged everywhere with a standard outlet.

“At Stigo, we were motivated to create a highly functional e-vehicle that is lightweight and quick to fold in its towable form, without compromising ergonomics, aesthetics, user-experience and safety in the riding mode. We were told that creating such a vehicle was going to be impossible, but our team at Stigo proved it possible and we are honored that our effort in creating a better alternative for urban travel has been acknowledged by the Spark team” said Ardo Reinsalu, CEO of Stigo.

 Discover more about Stigo bikes here.

i-Voting, to next elections and beyond?

Forbes, one of the most influential American business magazines, has published an article questioning about the possibility for Estonia to further extend the implementation of its i-voting system. After the agreement reached with Finland four years ago that allowed the secure exchange of data and information between the two nations through the x-Road technology, in the article is suggested to improve the i-voting system by giving it more functions.

The implementation would include the possibility to ask citizens important questions about relevant social issues, maintaining the security and anonymity of the shared information: “Given that each submission would be cryptographically signed with a single individual’s nationally-issued unique digital signature, the resulting public comments archive would be guaranteed to contain only the feedback of actual citizens of the country”

This article was originally published on Forbes.com. Read the full piece here.

12 Estonian startups to watch out in 2018

The Estonian ecosystem of startups has grown so fast in the recent times to help the country to reach the third place among European countries: 31 startups per 100.000 inhabitants. Silicon Republic, the first Irish online media-outlet specialized in technology, has published a list of twelve Estonian startups to watch-out in 2018.

Taxify has become in less than 4 years the main competitor of Uber in twenty European countries. It serves more than 3 million passengers and 100,000 drivers. Among the companies which use Artificial Intelligence, Weps is the one to stand out: it allows users to create websites with zero coding or dragging and dropping skills.

This article was originally published on Siliconrepublic.com. Read the full piece here.

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