Smart city and mobility

Any visit to Estonia nowadays is certainly an eye-opener. Electric scooters? Robotic parcel machines? Vehicles that drive themselves? The future is happening now and it’s fully automated.  

Smart mobility is a core component of that achievement. In Estonia’s highly advanced digital society, smart mobile solutions are part of everyday life. Estonians are able to move around seamlessly via bus, tram, train, and ship, and bypass border queues too. But that is just the surface of what the country has achieved in the smart mobility sector, as domestic companies pioneer autonomous vehicles for public transport, parcel delivery services, and cargo shipments.

Intelligent Transport Infrastructure

To attain the objectives of fully autonomous driving and to make traffic smoother and safer, there is also a need to improve the perception of vehicles with roadside smart infrastructure. Estonia has implemented smart and digitalised transport infrastructure that is able to communicate with the vehicles and smart devices of users. There are now smart pedestrian crosswalks, smart bus stops, smart road pavement, and other technologies in use in order to make traffic smoother and safer for everybody.

As a nordic country, Estonia has also developed a digitalised and web-based weather information service that gets its input from various sources such as mobile and in-road sensors, open data, etc. It’s a good solution for developing autonomous winter road maintenance and provides users with a quick, detailed overview of the current state of the weather and road conditions on the main roads in Estonia. It also provides forecasted road conditions up to 48 hours in advance. 

Estonia also uses diverse artificial intelligence-based technologies for smoother traffic. As an example, Tallinn uses AI to avoid obstructions at intersections. 

Since autonomous vehicles are now operational in Estonia, collecting 3D data is crucial. Estonia is one of the few countries in the world that is fully covered with a digital twin. Collecting digital data isn’t new or a challenge but doing it cost-effectively while extracting valuable combined information is. In Estonia, an AI platform and on-demand mobile mapping system are being used to control the flow of data streams while processing raw data from multiple sources. 


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