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Estonia consistently ranks as one of the most open and ambitious economies in the world. The e-solutions offered — such as digital signatures, electronic tax claims, the e-Business Register, and the availability of public records online — provide transparency and efficiency. Estonian online services reduce bureaucracy and keep businesses globally competitive. Estonia’s R&D ecosystem and digital capabilities make the country an innovation hotspot.


It’s hard to overstate the enormous role Estonia’s banks have played in creating and promoting the nation’s e-government solutions. Banks wholeheartedly embraced e-ID, encouraging customers to use their ID cards for secure transactions, and even giving away free card readers. They also helped move the population online by developing and offering high-quality internet banking services. Today, over 99% of all banking transactions in the country are carried out online.

You can access internet banking services anytime from anywhere in the world and you can do transactions online without visiting a bank.


banking transactions online


In OECD Tax Competitiveness Index (2022)

Users of bank services benefit from the convenience of having user-friendly online services available 24/7, a vast improvement over typical banking hours. In contrast with the US, where a third of money transfers are still carried out by writing and mailing checks, which can take days to process, Estonia’s e-banking system is simple, secure, and practically instantaneous.

Based on regulatory changes in 2017, opening a bank account is now possible online using e‑ID or e-Residency card, a video interview recording, and facial recognition technology. Banks are working hard to develop technical solutions that will allow them to welcome clients from anywhere without a face-to-face meeting by enhancing the security of customer identification.


Developers of e-banking systems:


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