Cyber security

Being a digital society means exposure to cyber threats. With solid investments in cyber security infrastructure, Estonia has developed extensive expertise in this area, becoming one of the most recognized and valued international cyber security experts.

After Estonia’s experience with the 2007 cyber attacks, scalable blockchain technology was developed to ensure integrity of data stored in government repositories and to protect its data against insider threats. Estonia became host to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and the European IT agency.

Secure data sharing

It is often said that “data is the new oil” that fuels e-government services and private sector solutions alike. But there is more than meets the eye!

To stay with the oil analogy, you need infrastructure and transport vehicles to distribute the valuable resource around the world. And it’s the same for data: without a proper legal framework and the right technology for secure data sharing, the various ministries and government authorities would simply sit on the data that they amassed in their own “silos”.


In the ITU 2020 Global Cybersecurity Index

For that reason, many Estonian companies have specialised in secure data sharing, whether it’s about the base infrastructure for encrypted data exchange between public sector organisations or privacy mechanisms that enable patients to decide what kind of medical data they want to share with their doctors. 

Developers of secure data sharing:


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