🎧 “Online voting – the future of democracy or a niche trend? ” | Mihkel Solvak, professor and researcher

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Estonia is the first and still the only country with nationwide internet elections. The latest general elections in the first week of March saw a record in casting votes online compared to physical votes – 51% of people voted through their computers. As the rest of the world is slow in joining the revolution, we invited Mihkel Solvak to explain all the nitty-gritty behind internet voting, its usage, socio-demographics, trust, and narrower technical aspects. Mihkel Solvak is an associate professor of technology research at the University of Tartu. And he is currently active at the Center of IT Impact Studies, where one of his focus areas is electronic elections. He also runs the Estonian Internet Voter Study.

🎧︎ Listen to the episode on Buzzsprout, Apple Podcast, and Spotify and find out:

  • All the nitty-gritty behind i-voting;
  • What happens before and after people cast their votes online;
  • Who is voting online? Is it only the young and tech-savvy population;
  • Why do Estonians trust i-voting;
  • How the rest of the world is doing;
  • Examples of online voting around the world;
  • How much does one e-vote cost compared to a physical vote;
  • What does the future hold for i-voting?

🎧︎ Listen to the episode on Buzzsprout, Apple Podcast, and Spotify


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