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The innovative solution developed by an Estonia start-up won the first prize in the world’s largest exhibition of sheet metal working industry, founded in Tartu one year ago, has won the title of the best start-up in EuroBLECH, the world’s largest exhibition of the metal working technology held in Germany, with a solution that radically accelerates the production and ordering process of metal companies.

Competing with contestants from 40 countries in the EuroBLECH contest “Step into Digital Reality”, the on-demand solution developed by cuts the lengthy and cumbersome outsourcing process down to seconds. The technology developed by is a very important initiative also in the light of industrial digitization as it raises international prominence and also provides a competitive edge for local manufacturers of sheet metal.

Speaking at the award ceremony held in Germany, Martin Vares, one of the founders of, said: “The news to have won the contest did not really surprise us. The feedback that we have received from manufacturers and engineers until now has been extremely positive as it enables them to get instant quotes and lead times so that they focus on their main business.”

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has focused the national industrial policy on the digitization and automation of production processes and promoting exports of Estonian manufacturers. The industrial sector accounts for nearly 70% of Estonia’s exports. The web-based solution developed by opens up new export opportunities and sectors for Estonian manufacturers and also allows to export the innovative technology worldwide. Estonian developments are already now exported to countries such as Australia and the United States.

The “Step into Digital Reality” contest encourages companies working with sheet metal to implement digital processes. The contest was held in 3 categories: Best Start-up, E-mobility and Digital Transformation.

EuroBLECH is an international exhibition for the sheet metal working industry that this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. This year the exhibition showcases a wide range of intelligent technology and innovative sheet metal processing solutions. Industry digitization is having a major influence on the development of the sheet metal working industry. This year, 1,500 exhibitors from 40 countries will participate in EuroBLECH that covers an area of 89,000 square meters.


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