Estonian startup MASC comes to the rescue for organisations in need of PPE

Estonian startup MASC PPE

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An Estonian start-up MASC that created a personal protective equipment (PPE) tracking and distribution tool for the Estonian Government to handle the COVID-19 crisis, is about to enter the global markets with a new platform. Their new platform MASC Supply connects PPE demand and supply to support businesses and institutions with the sourcing of quality PPE.

The team behind MASC Supply launched their PPE demand and inventory tracking and distribution tool MASC Gov on 21 April 2020. They created the tool as part of The Global Hack. MASC Gov is today used by the Estonian Health Board, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance along with 300 public sector institutions, including all hospitals in Estonia. “The Crisis Response Team directed all public sector institutions to use the system to enable efficient reporting of PPE stock and demand data,” says the Minister of Public Administration of Estonia, Mr. Jaak Aab. “MASC saves time on data gathering and improves decision-making, allowing us to react to shortages in a timely manner and plan for the long term. The distribution tool simplifies the allocation process of PPE across the country and does that in an equitable way based on real time data. MASC is easy to use and can immediately be taken into active use during any crisis where tracking critical supplies is necessary.”

MASC Supply, a new platform of the MASC team, is solving PPE demand and supply problems. The platform connects trustworthy and reliable PPE producers/products with private and public sector institutions that require PPE. MASC Supply brings transparency to the PPE market and increases the capability to source the needed equipment. In order to prevent customers receiving uncertified and low quality PPE, the certificates and documentation of PPE on the platform are verified and suppliers are vetted. Products and producers are verified in partnership with the Estonian Technical Regulatory Authority.

“When the crisis hit, we solved the PPE demand and inventory data gathering problem for the crisis response team in Estonia, and created an equitable distribution tool for them. However, difficulties with institutional sourcing of PPE remained,” said the representative of the MASC team, Sten-Erik Mägus. “MASC Supply provides the PPE buyers with a detailed database of quality and reliable products and producers. PPE buyers can filter certified offers based on PPE type, price, location, stock and production capacity. The platform also allows PPE suppliers to connect with buyers across the world.

MASC Supply was launched on 19 June 2020 after a meeting between the MASC team and the Minister of Public Administration, Mr. Jaak Aab. All enterprises and institutions which are in need of high quality PPE can access the platform. The PPE suppliers and their products are marked as verified after going through the verification process with the relevant authorities.

The MASC team is now actively promoting the platform globally in order to help those in need of PPE and PPE suppliers across the world. The MASC team is also working in collaboration with the Estonian National Procurement Office that may also benefit from the solution when conducting national PPE procurements.

Additional information: MASC Supply website and MASC company website:


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