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TOP5 articles of 2020

For those of you who like statistics and a good read – here are the five most-read articles in the Estonia blog during 2020.

+ How do you trace Covid-19 while respecting privacy?

Estonian companies and government authorities joined forces to develop a new mobile application to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Together with other European countries, Estonia has chosen a privacy-preserving path to contact tracing, a key element of which is the principle of decentralisation that underpins several Estonian e-state solutions.

+ What happens to a fully digitalised society during a pandemic lock-down?

During lock-down, it comes in incredibly handy to have 99 % of government services available online. So while we have to make do without convenience services like cinemas, spas, and theatres, the state is still fully functional.

+ The National Cyber Security Index ranks 160 countries’ cyber security status

The National Cyber Security Index (NCSI) measures more than three-quarters of the countries’ cybersecurity ratings in the world. The top ten countries best prepared against cyber-attacks are Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Croatia, France, Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Estonia among top 3 in the UN e-Government Survey 2020

UN e-Government Survey 2020 that rates 193 UN Member States in terms of digital government, Estonia ranked among the top three most digitally advanced countries together with Denmark and the Republic of Korea.

+ Estonia’s capital Tallinn as a testbed for smart city solution providers

Interview with the city of Tallinn’s very first CIO, Toomas Türk, who rolled up his sleeves and created its Smart City agenda for the next few years. The main goal is to dream, and act, big. “We want to become the leading center of smart city and innovation among the smaller capitals in the world,” Türk says.

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