Electronic IDs and international outlooks. An overview

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Estonia is the easiest way to access the EU market for Eastern Partnership countries

Alo Ivask, chairman of the management board of Enterprise Estonia, speaking at the 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum has underlined the ease of doing business also from companies from countries that are not part of EU: “Our business-friendly economic environment and tax system, flexible work policy, modern e-solutions, and location definitely offer a good opportunity for it”. Entrepreneurs from the Eastern partnership countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine had the possibility to visit around the country some of the main Estonian companies which are already providing services.

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Can Estonia be a model for Catalonia?

Catalonia has recently unilaterally declared its independence from Spain. It is still uncertain if the process is reaching a defined conclusion, but it is true that the possible situation of Catalonia might be similar to the one Estonia had in 1991 after regaining its independence. Generalitat de Catalunya, the local Government of Catalonia has sent its representatives to get hits on the state’s e-services. Dani Marco, director of Smart Catalonia, while referring himself to the Estonian e-government solutions, pointed out that the Estonians “started from scratch, with all the possibilities they were offered to build a model of economic development.”

This article was originally published on International Business Times.  Read the full piece here.


Estonian e-ID cards certificates to be updated

The Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) is advising all owners of ID-cards who have a security risk to update the software on their cards remotely as most e-services already support the updated ID-card.

All ID-cards issued after October 16, 2014, and used electronically must be updated by 31 March 2018. It is possible to check by document number on the website of the Police and Border Guard Board whether one’s ID-card is among those with a security risk and needs to be updated.

The security risk affects approximately 800,000 ID-cards, including digital IDs and e-residency and living permit cards. The Estonian Police and Border Guard declared that all previous certificates affected by the vulnerability will be suspended tonight at 24:00 on Friday 3 November, so all the people who need urgently their ID card should upload the certificate.

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