eGoverment and Blockchain: Enabling Trust in public services in a digital environment

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Guardtime partners with SICPA to guarantee the integrity, sovereignty and auditability of government services, processes, public records and documents.
An increasing number of governments and public administrations acknowledge the potential benefits of e-services to their citizens and public finances and are evaluating the integrity and security challenges this digital revolution may pose. How can citizens, businesses and administrations put their trust in digital-only, dematerialized files and records, such as title deeds or medical records, in the same way as they trust material-based, printed and signed documents?

For more than 70 years, SICPA, a privately owned Swiss company, has established itself as a reliable security solutions provider and trusted advisor to governmental institutions, supporting them in mission-critical tasks such as securing banknotes, protecting passports and other authenticated printed documents. The solutions offered by SICPA enable millions of citizens every day to trust the integrity and authenticity of such documents in their daily life.

Today SICPA is taking a new step to assist governments and official authorities as they reinvent public services in a dematerialized, digitized environment, while at the same time assuring the confidence and trust of citizens and businesses. SICPA has concluded a strategic partnership with Guardtime, a key player in the field of digital asset security exploiting blockchain technologies. Guardtime has distinguished itself through its work securing the strategic databases of the Estonian Government, a leader in the adoption of eGovernment.

The joint-venture brings together Guardtime’s proven technological know-how and SICPA’s intimate knowledge of the highly specific needs and constraints of governmental institutions; the two partners combine to become a cutting edge player in the field of eGovernment solutions.

Philippe Thevoz, SICPA’s eGovernment Solutions Vice-President, said:

“Thanks to Guardtime’s technological expertise in the blockchain and its security core unrivalled in the market, we are further extending our mission to Enable Trust in the digital world”.


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