🎙️e-Estonia podcast with Sandra Särav, Ex-Director of Data Policy, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia: Estonia will never monetise its citizens’ private data

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During the mere month and a half after recording our podcast, Sandra Särav was promoted to Deputy Secretary General for Business and Consumer Environment of the Ministry. We are not surprised at all. She is a force to be reckoned with. Sandra has worked as the Public Policy Manager at Bolt (the Estonian unicorn mobility startup), becoming the latter’s Head of Sustainability before being snatched up by Facebook, where she also served as the Public Policy Manager for the CEE region.  Luckily for our state, Sandra is one of our top civil servants with a bright future. 

In the most recent episode of the e-Estonia podcast “The Art of Digitalisation,” Sandra Särav talks to the host Florian Marcus about:

  • How Estonia is looking to be more human-centric in its public services;
  • That Estonia will never be selling its citizens’ private data;
  • About the governmental Data Tracker and how it will be mandatory for all governmental information systems;
  • How Estonian citizens can consent to give their data in governmental databases with private sector service providers;
  • About Sandra’s work as a lecturer and university researcher;
  • About autonomous robots;
  • Estonian startups and what has been their secret sauce (hint: a lot has to do with the government and regulations);
  • Metaverse, and much much more.

🎧︎ The episode is available on Apple Podcast and Spotify.


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