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e-Estonia Digital Discussion: at the frontline of digital health

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With Covid-19 affecting people’s lives all around the world, the second Digital Discussion organised by the e-Estonia Briefing Centre focused on best practices and solutions in the area of e-Health.

Moderator and Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, Florian Marcus, guided the audience through the entire event and handed over to Anna Piperal, Managing Director at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, who gave an overview of the current state of e-Health solutions in Estonia as well as the policy lessons learnt from the developments in this area over the last 20 years. Going beyond this, the audience also gained some insight into future plans including personalised medicine.


After this introduction, the representatives of three Estonian IT companies took to the stage to showcase their solutions. First Ain Aaviksoo, Chief Medical Officer at Guardtime, discussed the use of KSI Blockchain to maintain medical data integrity and also explained Guardtime’s crucial role in the WHO’s first pilot for a Smart Vaccination Certificate. Kristi Pool, Partner at Helmes, then elaborated on how their e-Health solutions helped healthcare providers treat more patients and use their resources (such as CT or MRT machines) more efficiently. Lastly, Partner at Nortal Taavi Einaste spoke about the company’s e-Prescription and succinctly shared how differently the implementation of their solution went in different countries because of different legal, cultural, and technological contexts.

Over 450 healthcare specialists and policymakers from around the world registered for the event and around 75% of them followed the live broadcast. Considering the global nature of the audience, this was truly remarkable: the Digital Discussion was viewed by people from 85 different countries from Angola to Nepal, from Madagascar to Perú. The organisers were also delighted with the high rate of engagement both with the intermittent audience polls and questions forwarded throughout the various Q&A sessions.

Following the company presentations, members of the live audience could join the company which was the most interesting to them into one of the three breakout rooms. There, the representatives of Guardtime, Helmes, and Nortal offered live demonstrations of their solutions and answered audience questions in-depth.

While the breakout sessions are only available for those that watch our Digital Discussions live, you can watch the first part of the event – including all company presentations and Q&A sessions from this link

The Digital Discussions series is the flagship production hosted live by the e-Estonia Briefing Centre. We offer companies in a particular field of business the chance to present their solutions and help other countries digitalise with Estonian know-how.



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