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The simple how and why behind the digital signature

One of the perks of living in a digital society is the simplification of personal admin. Digitalisation helps save time all over the world, from the adoption of digital document management to utilising online cooperation platforms. The result is more efficient workflow and increased productivity. Yet, when it comes down to something as seemingly simple as providing or validating a signature, people are often required to go through a manual “print – sign – scan – send” process. It goes without saying – not only can this create a halt in workflow, it requires access to printers and scanners, limiting when and how fast the process could be completed.

In Estonia, people save about 5 working days per year thanks to the electronic identity (eID) ecosystem and DigiDoc software. The eID is a secure identity authentication system, underlying the function of all digital services including, of course, the digital signature. The state provided DigiDoc software allows users to easily (and securely) give or validate a digital signature, from anywhere at any time. It really is as simple as it sounds.

In this series of videos by The Estonian Information System Authority (RIA), you’ll find practical insight into how the DigiDoc4 software works from the perspective of the user. Explore the playlist to get practical answers to any questions on how to use DigiDoc4 or to simply learn more about the process through which Estonians and e-residents save time and money with digital signatures!

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