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Electronic identity

Watch how the eID makes life easier in Estonia

The electronic identity (eID) system, as the vital cornerstone of our e-sate, has been around for more than 15 years. During this time, the ID-card and its surrounding ecosystem has become a natural part of any citizens’ daily transactions in the public and private sector – so much so that its uniqueness and underlying mechanisms are invisible for an average Estonian. The eID is a digital authentication solution, which is the foundation of all the e-services that make up our digital society. It is applicable across sectors, enabling customer identification, paperless contracts, digital communication with state authorities, automated business flow… the list goes on.

The Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) has compiled an illustrative overview of how eID makes life easier in Estonia as well as an explanation on its basic mechanisms. Watch the video below to get a full picture of the eID ecosystem and explore the Electronic Identity playlist to find out more about this significant cornerstone of our e-state.

Full eID videos available for download in our toolbox

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