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Estonia has one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world, wrote Euronews. And we are happy to share our know-how, making your country or organisation stand out, too. That is why we’ve put together the creme de la creme of the Estonian tech companies and curated it into an interactive platform called the Digiexpo. Here you can explore renowned Estonian digital innovations and get in touch with the leading ICT companies that offer them. 

“It’s nearly impossible to overstate the extent of Estonian digitization,” has said The New Yorker. No wonder our tiny nation´s digital transformation efforts haven´t gone unnoticed globally. After all, we have built an efficient, secure, and transparent ecosystem where 99% of public services are online, including electronic voting and the declaration of taxes. In fact, there are only two things Estonians still cannot do online – getting married and divorced.

Let’s take a closer look at some recent accomplishments:

  • In the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) that gives an overview of 193 countries´ commitments to cybersecurity, Estonia ranks 3rd, just behind the USA, the UK, and Saudi Arabia (that share the 2nd place). Among the European Union member-states, Estonia is the most secure country.
  • The launch of the world’s 1st autonomous hydrogen vehicle in July 2021 indicates our continuous commitment to innovation in mobility.
  • Being 1st in Europe in the OECD PISA test reaffirms that the Estonian education system is among the best in the world.
  • According to international research* ordered by our Briefing Centre that was conducted among 400+ respondents from 98 countries, Estonia is among the TOP3 most digitally advanced countries in the world. In addition, most digitalisation experts who were surveyed considered Estonia the most digitally advanced country.

So whether you are looking for a solution at a governmental level or you are in need of expert advice and knowledge within a larger enterprise, together with the network of Estonian ICT companies we can cover a wide array of topics and industries. We have categorized it neatly into nine categories: healthcare, cyber security, e-identity, ease of doing business, e-governance, smart city & mobility, industry digitalisation, education & research, and clusters & community. And of the 60+ companies and organisations displayed, you may find some of them under several categories because of the varied services and solutions developed.

In time we have already learned our lessons from developing a digital state, as well as have extensive experience in implementing digital solutions in both Estonia and worldwide. Therefore, you can trust that Digiexpo will lead you to the top companies, and people, who can help and guide you with digitalisation.

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Written by
Dea Paraskevopoulos

communications manager at the e-estonia briefing centre


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