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Cleveron, the Estonian company that makes click-and-collect lockers and parcel robots, has partnered with five new big companies over the course of two months. This is a new milestone of success for the company.

One of the new partners in question is Decathlon, which owns 1500 shops and is the biggest retailer of sporting goods in the world. The other notable partner is Falabella Retail, which is the third largest company in Latin America. “The growth of e-commerce is not a surprise to anyone,” said Arno Kütt, CEO of Cleveron. “Successful retailers are looking for solutions to tackle growing parcel volumes because it increases the workload for employees and waiting in queue is bad customer experience,” explained Kütt.

According to Decathlon Hungary’s Online Marketing Director Gergely Román, the total number of parcels ordered via their online store has grown by 40 per cent in one year. “We are investing approximately 250 000 € this year to offer the best service for our customers,” said Gergely. Cleveron parcel robots significantly simplify the shopping experience for customers – they just make their purchases online and later pick up their parcels from the robot using the order code.

“We are widening our activities in different countries and on new continents. Hopefully soon we can truly say that robots from the tiny town of Viljandi have taken over the entire world,“ said Cleveron’s CEO Arno Kütt.

In addition to Decathlon and Falabella Retail, Cleveron has also began cooperation with the Czech logistics company Zàsilkovna, Norwegian sporting goods retailer XXL and New Zealand’s The Warehouse. To date, Cleveron has a total of 22 clients all over the world, including the world’s largest retailer Walmart. The company is also opening an academy this autumn to teach robotics software development.

This article references articles originally published here and here.


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