Cleveron’s robot courier named the Last Mile Delivery Innovation of the Year

Cleveron’s self-driving robot courier won the prestigious Last Mile Delivery Innovation (The Journey) category in the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2019 at Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam. This award recognizes companies who are leading the way in improving last mile delivery. Parcel and Postal Technology International is the world’s leading magazine in the postal technology sector. The nominated companies represent the most innovative businesses in the post and parcel delivery market and the winners are determined by international industry experts.

Cleveron was nominated for a total of three awards this year, including a nomination in the Supplier of the Year category and Final Mile Innovation of The Year (The Final Delivery) award for the grocery robot. In 2016, Cleveron won the Delivery Innovation of the Year title for Cleveron 401, which is most widely used by the world’s largest retailer Walmart.

The self-driving robot courier is set to automate the last mile delivery and parcel handover from a courier to a client. This helps to manage the growing e-commerce parcel volumes more effectively and make last mile delivery more convenient for the consumer.

The idea behind Cleveron’s self-driving robot courier is the same as with all other Cleveron products – save time for everyone. Today, home deliveries require customers to wait at home for the courier to arrive, which, combined with peoples’ busy schedules, results in many failed delivery attempts. Cleveron’s vision for the future includes an ecosystem, in which deliveries would happen without human intervention. In the future, the robot courier could deliver parcels to personal parcel lockers during night-time. This would save time for customers, eliminate failed deliveries for couriers, lower last mile delivery costs for retailers and reduce the number of vehicles in daily traffic for city dwellers. Cleveron’s robot courier utilizes an electric motor, which also reduces noise pollution and emissions in urban areas.

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