2019: the year of AI, self-driving vehicles & best of news

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With the end of the year fast approaching and the new year almost here, we’ve decided to dig into some data and see which news and articles have you, our readers, found the most interesting. We’ve put some of the highlights together to look back on our busy year.

It looks like 2019 was dominated mainly by AI and autonomous vehicles. Of all the news we’ve posted in 2019, the one about the driverless public bus was the most read. Followed by, perhaps surprisingly, news about the government opening a public code repository for sharing the building blocks of systems between sectors. In the beginning of the year, we published an article about the new ID card, which outlined some of the history and the future of our ID card. Estonia also launched a national AI strategy in 2019 and announced the first data science Master’s programme. People are enterprising when it comes to optimising tedious tasks, which is probably why news about autonomous snow-shovelling robots was also one of our most read in 2019.

This year we also launched speakers’ corner, where our own expert speakers at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre share insight into what our visiting delegations ask, how they are preparing to tackle digitalisation and our keynotes at international conferences. We’ve also had the pleasure to interview some very interesting minds this year. We discussed how AI can aid in resolving humanitarian crises with Dr Julien Cornebise at this year’s Tallinn Digital Summit. We also talked about the new data economy with Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi at the annual e-Governance Conference. We managed to have two interviews with our own Ambassador-at-Large for Cybersecurity, Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar on protecting the digital way of life and more recently, the new Department for Cyber Diplomacy at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our series of e-Talks is combined into a convenient playlist on Youtube. You’ll find talks on crafting citizen experience, the AI strategy, i-Voting and more.

Thanks for being with us this year! If you have any suggestions or would like us to cover anything specific in more detail, feel free to let us know at

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Mari Krusten

Communication Manager at e-Estonia Briefing Centre


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