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10 ways to run your business operations remotely

The Covid-19 outbreak has created a situation where working from home is not just a thing for freelancers and digital nomads. More and more businesses regardless of size must find ways to continue their operations while workers practice social distancing and remain in self-quarantine. So how do businesses go about working remotely, managing their resources, collective tasks, or even ordering food?

Here’s a list of 10 services that lend a helping hand and provide a supportive ecosystem for running your business operations remotely and fully online.

Focused on sales and customer management? Pipedrive is a platform for managing and maintaining new and existing clients – you guessed it, remotely. It’s a CRM that lets your sales team focus fully on leads and deals, while all the information is managed conveniently within one platform.

Need to keep track of your financials, billing, resources and track your team’s tasks? Scoro offers an extensive platform for tracking progress and tasks, but also financial management, resource planning and project management. Great for keeping your business and teams on track while working from the comfort of your home offices.

When not only single teams, but whole businesses and organisations suddenly find themselves in remote offices, it’s easy to lose yourself in your tracksuit nevermind losing track of date, time and tasks. Weekdone helps hold the focus on team goals, by providing a platform to keep an eye on progress. It’s also more transparent this way with teams regardless of size fully included.

This is the full package when it comes to remote business management. Xolo will register your business, take care of opening a bank account, manage invoicing and accounting. Plus, it’s a trusted partner to the Estonian e-residency programme as well. This way you can not only run your business remotely, but also never come into contact with mountains of bureaucracy.

When people are fully invested in social distancing, working from home and moving their activities to online environments, the question of security is bound to pop up sooner or later. Veriff is essentially a service provider for trust – providing smart identity verification, making sure that you are indeed you and your customers are real people, not intelligent refrigerators.

It’s one thing to optimise business processes to be effective location independently, but it’s a whole next level to have an AI run them for you altogether. Pactum provides an automatic negotiation platform for companies where contract details, terms and conditions will be ironed out by an AI on your behalf.

While we’re on the subject of harnessing the power of AI to do our work for us, why not let it take care of customer support as well? AlphaBlues provides businesses with conversational AI for virtual assistants and live chats. (They’ve also recently built a coronabot, currently available only in Estonian, that answers frequently asked questions about the virus.)

Feeling peckish, but don’t want to interact with people because there’s a pandemic going about? If you happen to live in one of the designated areas either in the US, UK or Mustamäe, Tallinn you can have your food delivered by a friendly neighbourhood autonomous delivery robot. No human contact required.

The final two items on the list are kind of related: e-residency and the e-Estonia ecosystem. By becoming an e-resident, you get access to the Estonian #digitalsociety, where 99% of government services are available online. Register your business online by using your electronic identity and digital signature, manage it remotely and forget you’ve ever heard the word bureaucracy.

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