Weekly Press Review | Estonia’s Genome Project expands the scope of healthcare

Photo credits: Eero vabamägi/Eesti Meedia

Estonia’s Genome Project expands the scope of healthcare.

Estonia is taking advantage of the declining cost and increasing efficiency of human genome sequencing. With numerous commonsense e-health solutions already in place, Estonia is expanding the scope of innovative healthcare with population-level sequencing. Science|Business reports on the benefits of the government lead study in this interesting interview with Estonia’s Minister for Health and Labour, Riina Sikkut.

“Sikkut is one of 100,000 Estonians who will this year volunteer to have their DNA combed by high-speed gene sequencing machines in search of genes linked to diseases, traits or health conditions.”

This article was originally published in Science|Business. Read the full article here.


How Estonia took the digital lead.

‘Necessity is the mother of innovation’. Estonia’s former CIO, Taavi Kotka, outlines the unique set of circumstance that allowed Estonia to turn its obstacles into opportunities. In this interview with Computer Weekly, Kotka discusses how to make public services more accessible and efficient, and compares the progress of other digital states, such as the UK and Denmark.

“You cannot build a digital government without unique identifiers, so it is an engineering thing. Don’t make it political. As long as you make it political, there won’t be any digital government or society in the UK.”

This article was originally published in ComputerWeekly. Read the full article here.


Military tech: Estonia’s unmanned military land systems

Unmanned Arial Vehicles — e.g. drones — have exponentially increase in popularity and ubiquity in recent years. It is expectation is that unmanned military system will experience a similar boom. In accordance with the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation initiative (PESCO) and with the support of European allies, the Estonian Ministry of Defense is interested in developing such systems.

“The project’s ambition is in cooperation with partners to develop a solution for unmanned land systems that would become the European standard”

This article was originally published in ERR. Read the full article here.



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