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e-Residency and the future of digital identities

A verifiable digital identity is what powers Estonia’s  e-Residency programme. Using the electronic ID, e-residents can open a bank account, sign documents digitally, and setup a business in Estonia.

This concept of Government as a Service provides people, regardless of citizenship, a facility to identify their persons online and conduct business in and through Estonia while being location independent.

Disruptive.Asia sees this as the future of identity along with other initiatives like UK’s Gov.UK Verify and Sweden’s BankID programme.

This article was originally published in Disruptive Asia. Read the full article here.

e-Estonia’s serves as a model of efficient e-governance infrastructure

Canada is working towards creating an efficient e-government infrastructure and it begins with self-assessment on what can be improved in its current system. One of the findings is that government software applications and databases are built independently with information being siloed in each agency.

Policy Options Politiques published an article looking at e-Estonia’s model as a solution for Canada’s fragmented system infrastructure. Such model allows different agencies to collaborate and exchange information while at the same time bringing down costs and simplifying processes.

This article was originally published in Policy Options Politiques. Read the full article here.

Estonia puts spotlight on AI readiness in high-profile event in Tallinn

Tech giants around the world will come to Tallinn on March 7 for North Star AI, a high-profile machine intelligence conference.

The event will focus on skills gap and AI readiness and adoption of organizations. There will also be discussions on potentials and benefits of data.

“It is important to shift the focus from algorithms to data – as the way you use data, and how you use it, will define the success of your projects,” emphasized André Karpishchenko, one of the organizers of the event.

Some of the companies expected to join the conference are Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Spotify. Estonian companies will also be present in the gathering headlined by Starship Technologies and Taxify.

This article was originally published in Estonian World. Read the full article here.


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