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e-Estonia: The digital state with digital democracy

Estonia is well regarded for its advanced digital infrastructure and public services made available online. This is widely discussed in many papers and covered generously by media all over the world. But a little less-known fact about this Baltic State is how its citizens embraced the digital revolution.

The strength of Estonia’s e-governance is on its commitment to transparency and accountability, essential principles of e-democracy.

While a lot of people fear the consequences of their online presence, Estonians trust their digital system because of the right to fully control their own data. To be able to see, manage, restrict and review who has accessed their information and have the right to demand an explanation, if needed, is one of the reasons why people believe strongly in their e-governance and e-democracy.

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Election should not be done the hard way but in Estonian way

The US elections is one of the most documented polls in the world, as we observed in the recently concluded US Midterm Election. But along with the media mileage is the amount of attention given to its mishaps like malfunctioning voting machines, obsolete software, long lines, all the way to more serious concern of legitimacy.

And because of that, election observers subject US election in comparison with one of the most efficient electoral bodies in the world – Estonia.

The digitally advanced nation has been using internet-voting or i-Voting for more than a decade now and is last used by 30% of total voting population, in the comforts of their homes. Citizens cast their votes with the security of public and private encryption before going through well protected cyber-infrastructure.

“…Estonia has proven the effortlessness and security of online voting, offering a model for the world that perhaps one day the US may embrace.”

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Starting a business in Europe – an Interview with e-Residency’s Arnaud Castaignet

Growth-oriented blog site Snovio Labs sits down with e-Residency’s Head of Public Relations Arnaud Castaignet to shed light on what’s and how’s of acquiring e-Residency.

They also discuss the benefits of e-Residency for those who wish to start a company or want to expand to EU region.

During the interview, Mr. Castaignet boasts the 35,000 e-Residents around world who are enjoying the opportunities of doing business in Europe. He summarizes the application as “very simple and very fast.” Including the background check, simply present a copy of your passport and motivation letter and you could be on your way to success.

This article was originally published in Snovio Labs. Read the full article here


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