Tallinn Digital Summit brings leaders to discuss the present and future of AI

Tallinn Digital Summit

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Top leaders from governments, the private sector and academia will come together in Tallinn on the 16th and 17th of September to discuss the current state and future of artificial intelligence technologies.

Continuing the discussions on artificial intelligence last year, the TDS 2019 will focus on achieving public value with artificial intelligence technologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies processing data are improving every year. While AI-applications are just beginning to develop, they are already influencing our societies.

Under the core theme of public value, the discussions will look at how the governments, businesses and societies can gain from AI, how to design collaborative, more coherent and effective solutions, but also how to solve challenges that this technology brings to public trust, employment, safety and fairness. The summit enables the spread of innovative ideas to ensure that the ongoing AI-revolution provides positive effects for everyone. This year’s Tallinn Digital Summit is expecting to welcome over 200 experts from more than 23 countries.

Public value of AI

During the summit, there will be specialized sessions on facilitating AI innovation in governments, discussing the benefits and risks of AI technologies used for healthcare and how the law affects and is affected by AI-technologies. Other sessions will discuss the effects of AI on democracy, the use of AI by law enforcement and how AI-technologies are already used by cities.

Keynote speakers of the Tallinn Digital Summit 2019 will include Hans-Christian Boos, Founder and CEO of Arago, Joanna Bryson, Associate Professor at the University of Bath, Michel van der Bel, Microsoft’s President for Europe, Steve Welby, the Executive Director of IEEE. Other sessions will include speakers from the European Commission, the Foundation of Public Code, Michigan State University, the World Wide Web Foundation and more.

The Knowledge Partners of the TDS 2019 are IEEE, INTERPOL Innovation Centre, UNICRI Centre for AI and Robotics and The Future Society who each facilitate various discussion and break-out sessions during the summit.

As part of this year’s programme, the heads of the delegations will have an exclusive private lunch on AI Global Governance. This session will include Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, Deputy Secretary General of the OECD, and Cyrus Hodes, co-founder and Executive Director of the AI Initiative, as speakers.

Annual conference to discuss a shared digital future

The Tallinn Digital Summit is an annual high-level conference, bringing together digital-minded countries with influential thinkers and leaders to discuss challenges of digital societies. In 2018, the Tallinn Digital Summit focused on artificial intelligence and how free-moving data can be wielded in the service of our digital states, economies and societies. The first Tallinn Digital Summit in 2017 was part of the Estonian Presidency of the EU where the digital future of the EU was discussed.

About the Knowledge Partners

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through its more than 423,000 members in over 160 countries, and its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE is the trusted “voice” for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe.

INTERPOL Innovation Centre: today’s security challenges require an innovative and collaborative approach, reaching well beyond the traditional, ‘reactive’ law enforcement model. INTERPOL and its 194 member countries are working to ensure the world’s police forces benefit from the latest innovations to detect prevent and investigate various types of crime. The INTERPOL Innovation Centre in Singapore brings together experts from a wide range of public, private and academic backgrounds to research, develop and implement contemporary solutions to challenges in policing.

UNICRI Centre for AI and Robotics, opened in 2017 is committed to advancing understanding of AI and Robotics from the perspective of crime, justice and security and to exploring their use for social good and contributing to a future free of violence and crime. Utilising knowledge and information of experts in the field to educate and inform stakeholders, and in particular policy-makers, UNICRI believes it will be possible to progress discussion on robotics and artificial intelligence governance.

The Future Society: created in 2015, The AI Initiative is an initiative of The Future Society originally incubated at Harvard Kennedy School and dedicated to the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Its mission is to help shape the global policy framework to govern the rise of AI. We seek to address holistically short, mid and long term governance challenges.


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