Smart-ID issued signatures are now legally binding

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Starting from 8th of November, Smart-ID, developed by Estonian company SK ID Solutions, is now considered as a legally accepted signature, bearing the same respect as ink signature, mobile-ID, and Estonian digital ID card.

Smart-ID earned the certification as Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD), the highest compliance level among electronic signatures recognized by European Commission on electronic Identification, Authentication, and trust Services (eIDAS). The mobile app was audited and awarded with seal of quality by German security certifier TÜViT.

The introduction of Smart-ID comes as a good complement to digital IDs, the cornerstone of the country’s digital society. The mobile app provided a reliable way to authenticate one’s identity online using both public and private key encryption.

In his announcement, SK ID Solutions CEO Kalev Pihl expressed optimism in the future of the mobile app.

“Our entire team is incredibly happy to be able to finally offer our clients these long-awaited services. Certification of Smart-ID as a product certainly provides new application opportunities that would have otherwise remained unachievable. It is a guarantee for e-service providers as well as regular users that Smart-ID is indeed as trustworthy as perceived and can open doors for new applications. It is an important change for all Smart-ID users, of whom there are currently more than there are citizens in Estonia”.

In the last six months, the number of users grew from 850,000 to over 1,300,000 and counting. Smart-ID was also used in more than 21 million transactions in October and is expected to increase significantly as the app can now cater to more e-services.

There are over 50 companies and institutions in Estonia that currently accept Smart-ID as an alternative authentication option, such as electricity providers, telecommunications, banks, education institutions, retail brands, and public services among others.

Pihl said that they wish to continue having the Smart-ID assessed by other EU member states for its possible application. “This has not been possible up until now, as the relevant judicial area is still being established,” he added.

The Smart-ID’s  registered from November 8th 2018 can immediately start issuing QSCD-enabled signatures, while old users must update their apps and re-register their account to avail this feature. It is important to note that registration is still accomplished via one-time use of Mobile-ID or digital ID card.



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