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Skeleton Technologies, a European market leader for ultracapacitors and energy storage systems for transportation, grid, and industrial applications, was recently named a Global Cleantech 100 company by Cleantech Group for the 6th time in a row.

Skeleton Technologies’ inclusion in 2020 Global Cleantech 100 list is a result of actions aimed at helping companies to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The company delivers reliable and long-life storage solutions across the industry, through the use of patented ‘curved graphene’.

Skeleton Technologies’ CEO Taavi Madiberk said that it’s an honour to be included on the list for the sixth time in a row. “Out of all the 100 companies, I notice only 28 are based in Europe (20 in the EU). Indeed, this highlights Skeleton’s position as one of Europe’s leaders in technologies fighting climate change, but I would like to see more European companies reaching this list in the future. Hopefully, the EU Green Deal will bring huge business opportunities and support the emergence of European cleantech champions leading the global transition to a carbon-neutral economy.”

Energy efficiency for Warsaw tram network

Taking the battle for sustainability further, Skeleton Technologies has signed a contract with Medcom in Poland, who is a leading innovator in the electric traction market. Energy efficiency is becoming the key design criteria for any public transportation system. Ultracapacitors, which have 1 million lifecycles and immediate charging, are now powering applications that have not been viable with batteries and cannot charge quickly enough to take advantage of kinetic energy recovered while trams brake.

Skeleton Technologies’ ultracapacitor systems help trams save energy by recuperating braking energy and reusing it for acceleration, decreasing the total energy consumption significantly. The ultracapacitor system also shaves power peaks, protecting the grid infrastructure in Warsaw.

“The high efficiency of ultracapacitor energy storage is well suited for electric trams, enabling both energy savings as well as protection for the infrastructure from high peaks of power,” commented Pawel Chodun, Chief Financial Officer of Medcom. The deployment of Skeleton Technologies’ ultracapacitor systems in the Warsaw tram network shows the value of fast energy storage in electric transportation and provides a model to follow for other cities, seeking energy-saving solutions as they electrify public transportation.

Skeleton Technologies was founded in 2009 in Estonia and has since expanded its production to Germany. The ultracapacitors they produce deliver four times the power density offered by other manufacturers, offering space, weight, and cost savings. Skeleton Technologies was also among the first batch of signees of the Green Pledge by Estonian tech companies.


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