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Sixfold – the most accurate real-time visibility platform in Europe

Irena Mändmaa, Sixfold

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This big-data company is monitoring 500 million euros worth of goods daily. The area where Sixfold operates – predictive transportation – is creating value for the entire ecosystem. It helps reduce empty mileage and cut CO2 emissions. It also helps their customers – like Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and Tesco to spare costs and optimise their supply chains. 

Sixfold product ingests quite a lot of data from various sources. Mainly the so-called transport data and telemetry data. The transport data gives Sixfold an idea of the planned route: where and when to pick up or deliver the goods. The telemetry data allows them to provide a real-time estimate of the pick-up and delivery times. This data comes from GPS units mounted on vehicles executing the plan. Simply put, merging these two data streams allows Sixfold to figure out what is going on with the transport in real-time.

“We don’t just make the current situation visible on the map – we predict the future with high accuracy thanks to data science and machine learning algorithms doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes,” says Irena Mändmaa, Sixfold’s Country Manager in Estonia. “Constant, predictive visibility over the supply chain is the key to actually making these benefits available for our customers so they can cut costs, better optimise their supply chain and gain a competitive advantage.”

No wonder Transporeon, the most powerful logistics network in the world, is now a partner.

And Sixfold’s clientele includes big players like Nestlé, Beiersdorf, Tesco, Coca-Cola, and Saint-Gobain. The company’s founders built and launched Skype, Bolt, and consulted Fortune 500 companies at McKinsey.

More like Tenfold

Before Sixfold (truth be told, today the name should already be Tenfold, or even higher), tens, if not hundreds, of calls needed to be made and many papers filled by hand to move goods from point A to point B.

“Customers did not know when shipments would arrive, when to have the storage and employees ready, failure in time estimation would result in empty hours,” describes Irena Mändmaa. “We tell our customers with real-time visibility when a shipment is picked up, where it is any given time or if there are obstacles, as well as enabling dynamic rescheduling of time slots with the help of AI, etc. The supply-chain is visible for every single stakeholder in the process.” Mändmaa says Sixfold is the most accurate real-time visibility platform in Europe that supports customers in 26+ languages.

120 000 carriers, 1200 shippers worldwide

One key behind Sixfold’s success is that they partner with the biggest telematics providers worldwide, covering more than 95 percent of the market. “We have an automated system in place; our integrations require only a couple of steps. That’s why 500 million euros worth of goods are monitored by Sixfold every day,” Irena Mändmaa says.

The other unique aspect putting Sixfold ahead of their competitors – recently struck partnership with Transporeon – the largest network of carriers (120 000) and shippers (1200) worldwide.

Helping governments, winning awards

In the early days of the corona outbreak, when European countries closed their borders one after another, Sixfold made a map application in just a few days. The application showed border queues at border crossings in different EU countries and gave transport companies an overview of how long to wait at a specific border. This won them also an award as the Estonian Logistics Feat of 2020.

This, and the ability to cut CO2 emissions by using Sixfold, has caught the European Commission’s eye, which is busy trying to live up to its climate goals. And it isn’t the only government organization that has reached out. After all, the amount of big data Sixfold processes could have many uses, and they are continually improving their algorithms to stay ahead of the curve.

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Written by
Dea Paraskevopoulos

communications manager at the e-estonia briefing centre


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