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Remote verification allows notarial acts to be carried out in embassies

Starting from February, the e-Notary self-service platform will pilot the option of remote verification. The project will allow notarial acts to be carried out at Estonia’s foreign representations without needing to physically visit a notary. This is possible thanks to Estonia’s well-built digital society.

According to Merle Saar-Johanson, chair of the Chamber of Notaries, the goal of the remote verification project is to increase user-friendliness, especially in the business sector. “We want to contribute to the creation of a more attractive business environment in Estonia and to enable customers to make several transactions from a distance,” Saar-Johanson said. “Once the project is running smoothly, we are hoping to expand the circle of remote verification activities and users,” she added.

Public-private collaboration

As it is often the case with public sector digital services in Estonia, the Chamber of Notaries have worked in a partnership with the private sector. The developments of the remote verification project were carried out by Andmevara e-Government Solutions. Additionally, the system that’s used to identify persons in notarial acts uses Veriff’s biometric face recognition technology, which in itself is a great example of businesses supporting public sector with innovative technological solutions.

Standing on the shoulders of the digital society

The remote verification will rely on one of the pillars of the Estonian digital society – the electronic identity. In order to carry out the remote verification required to perform the notarial act, the person needs to have an Estonian ID-card, digital ID, mobile-ID or an e-resident’s digital ID. 


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