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Estonia ranks 1st in Freedom of The Net Index

Together with Iceland, Estonia has been rated as the country with the freest internet in the world in 2017 by The Freedom House:  “With high levels of access, online citizen participation, and strong support for freedom of expression, Estonia’s internet freedom environment remained positive.” Even after last year’s coalition government change, investments in Information Communication technologies are still an important part of the development plan.

Estonian internet users face very few obstacles when it comes to accessing the net: in fact, by 2018, 98% of households should not anymore be more than 1,5 km away from an access point. Quality of the broadband is also very good with three mobile operators providing the service at a speed of 100 Mbit/s in 37 percent of the territory already in 2016.  The score in the “Limit of Content” and in “Violations of User Rights” is in both cases is 3 points out of 35 and 40 respectively, which are considered as “most free” outcomes.

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e-School to be launched outside Estonia in 2018

The e-Kool system has been active in Estonia for 15 years with over 200,000 users and 1 million grades entered daily. The school management tool brings together the pupils and their families, schools and supervisory bodies in Estonia; it helps the students to access the studies information and it facilitates communications between the teachers and the parents. For the next year, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has invested 121,00 euros to export and develop the platform in other countries.

“We wish that it was possible to easily adapt eKool to whatever foreign market by the end of 2018. We also wish to improve our marketing capability and brand recognition outside Estonia and to prepare necessary marketing materials,” eKool AS board member Tanel Keres told.

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More e-Residents than Estonian newborns

In November 2017 the amount of e-Residents (11,096) who have applied to join the programme in 2017 has overcome the number of births (10,269) in the same year. E-Residency is an e-governmental project started in 2014 which allows every world citizen to start and run a global EU company from anywhere in the world.

After Brexit, more British entrepreneurs have applied for the e-Residency in order to keep their business running in the European market. Today, UK citizens are the fifth biggest group of e-Residents in the by-country ranking which includes 151 different states.

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