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Anett Numa, e-Estonia

How I sold my car in a matter of minutes, without any physical paperwork

Digital services aim is to provide the best possible customer experience to every citizen. While always keeping in mind accessing services should be fast, efficient, and hassle-free. These three words describe the experience I had yesterday while selling our family car. 

The whole process – signing of all the necessary paperwork and changing of the ownership was done conveniently online, on the Estonian Transport Administration platform.

Anett in the car

 Anett appreciates the Estonian e-services.

After the test drive and agreeing on the price and conditions, we decided to meet with the buyer the next day at the parking slot. I grabbed my computer with me so we could proceed with all necessary documents. After he had made the payment transaction, I filled the contract, signed it from my end with a mobile ID, and followed with his ID card. I logged in on the Estonian Transport Administration platform and started changing the car’s ownership by submitting his personal identification code. He automatically received the request, paid the state fee and all of this was done in just 2-3 minutes. No visits were needed to any public institutions. I waved to him as he drove away with his new, cool car.

Fairer deals 

There is so much more you can do on the Estonian Transport Administration platform, though. While looking for a new car to buy, you can also check the car’s history and its last check-ups. Vehicle history check provides you by adding the registration plate and VIN-code details, technical inspection date and summary, primary data of the car, motor third party liability insurance information, overview of traffic damages, and mileage. This helps to make fair(er) deals.

Most commonly used service – exchange of the driving license 

One of the most commonly used services on the platform is the driving license exchange. Every driver needs to update their driving license after ten years. You can start the process online – by providing medical checks from the Patient Portal, paying the state fee, and updating the latest information. Updating your driving license costs only 20 euros on an online platform and 26 euros at the Transport Administration office in person.

Cheaper, faster & more efficient

That is one of the keys to get more people using the online service. Make it cheaper, faster, and more efficient. Besides services linked to vehicles, the platform also provides us with road information, maps, and road cameras. So, in case you need to drive long-distance during the winter or stormy weather, you can choose the safest route to drive.

An appreciation moment

I had an appreciation moment yesterday. E-services on the Estonian Transport Administration platform are designed to provide the best possible customer experience, save time and money, and this allowed me more time to enjoy a piece of cake from the local bakery afterward. That is what digitalisation is all about!

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