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E-Estonia Showroom launched a virtual reality solution called VR Estonia with the aim to introduce the country’s public e-solutions and local business environment with the state-of-the-art technology.

The concept and technical execution were done in cooperation between Telia Eesti, Babahh Media and Idea AD. The VR solution consists of twelve 360-degree videos telling the story of e-Estonia. The videos cover topics like digital identity, X-Road, i-voting, e-health, e-society, cyber security, e-residency, education, and business environment. Both the current President Kersti Kaljulaid and the previous head of the state Toomas Hendrik Ilves took part of the videos.

E-Estonia Showroom will be the first location for the VR solution. “The Showroom’s visitors are decision-makers from the public sector, international journalists, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. Each year, we host around 10,000 people who have been inspired by our e-solutions and exported those to their country as well,” said Anna Piperal, Managing Director of the Showroom. The VR solution, as a marketing tool, makes it easier to get an overview and understand Estonia’s achievements in the digital world and gives the opportunity to reach more people than ever.

This solution is the first of its kind created in Estonia: “It is very flexible and can be developed further and continuously supplemented, for example, with new topic categories, thereby significantly elevating the level of interactivity of the solution,” said Rivo Roosileht, Client Solutions Sales Manager at Telia. In addition, the platform of the VR solution is universal. Roosileht explained how other organisations both in the public and private sector could highlight their solutions: “They don’t have to start from scratch by building a new 360-degree platform, instead they can adopt the current system.”

Estonian company Fortumo founder Rain Rannu, who tested the VR Estonia solution himself, said that virtual reality videos help to present complex technical solutions to a large audience with exciting technology.

Permanent expositions are opened from the end of October at the Tallinn TV Tower and from the end of November at Tallinn Airport. The pop-up expos will also go on tour, starting from the Telia headquarters and moving onto such big events as the Tallinn Digital Summit 2018 and Robotex.

In addition to the physical expositions, you can also visit an online platform, where all the video clips can be watched with or without VR glasses on various devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) across the world.





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