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In the new normality of global pandemics, the number of people relying on online security has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are aggressively making use of the crisis, as we have witnessed phishing, malware and data stealing apps applied. The cyber security community has witnessed the steep rise of COVID-19 virus related cyber incidents. To help battle this, CybExer Technologies is offering free online cyber hygiene training.

The test environment is an interactive site where everybody can learn and test their cyber hygiene skills and prepare against the threats in the digital world. At the end of each individual session, users receive a profile indicating the level of risk in different areas of cyber hygiene.

Reacting quickly

Andrus Kivisaar, member of the board of CybExer Technologies OÜ, said that CybExer quickly realized that something had to be done. “Knowing that we have tools to increase cyber security, we made a version of a cyber hygiene course that is easy to use for every person and freely available, but still provides knowledge that can prevent most cyber threats. The cyber hygiene course is available in twelve languages and can therefore be shared with friends in other countries,” said Kivisaar and added “We will confront cyber criminals as a community just like we will overcome the coronavirus as a community.”

Experienced in cyber training

The Information System Authority has been using cybersecurity courses created by CybExer Technologies for years. According to Margus Noormaa, Director General at Information System Authority, this is a great example of a successful public-private cooperation in cyber security. “We have been using the cyber hygiene courses since 2017 and thousands of Estonian state officials have taken this test. Risks have to be addressed immediately, “Noormaa said.

Eliminating behavioural risks

The objective of the Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Course is to assess and decrease the risk emanating from user behaviour in cyberspace – ignorance or simple carelessness when using computers can bring about many problems not only for an individual user but also their colleagues, their organisation or the entire country.


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