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Five freshEST mobility and smart city solutions


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Are you working in a zoo? An airport, maybe? Or at a telecom company? Do you know what all these different institutions have in common? They all could use mobility and smart city solutions to improve their offerings and their employees’ lives. Got curious? You should take note of the freshest mobility solutions by five Estonian tech companies.


Bercman – the smart pedestrian crosswalk 

Bercman Technologies has developed an intelligent crosswalk with the primary goal to increase pedestrian crosswalks on unregulated intersections by notifying all road users about the crosswalk. The main focus is to get the drivers´ attention – by using backlighted traffic signs and LED lights on the pole. This intelligent crosswalk also detects potentially dangerous situations to prevent accidents on the crosswalk. It combines video camera data with radar sensors to accurately measure the speed of vehicles nearby. With radar and video sensors, the product can also collect valuable data such as counting, classification, and more.

In the future, the product will communicate with connected and autonomous vehicles providing extra safety features to encourage widespread adoption of new technologies on the roads.

Who is it for?

  • Road infrastructure companies
  • Traffic engineering companies
  • Telecom companies
  • Cities and municipalities.

International projects

  • Bercman demonstrated the Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk in Helsinki, Finland, and received a lot of feedback from the residents that served as valuable data for product development.
  • Currently, Bercman is working on entering markets in the UK and Croatia, where the traffic safety policies are taking a strong focus on pedestrian and micro-mobility safety-related issues.
  • The company also provided smart bus stop hardware for piloting last-mile autonomous on-demand bus shuttle in Estonia and Greece.

Auve Tech – the world’s most flexible last-mile transportation ecosystem

Auve Tech specialises in the development and manufacturing of autonomous vehicles. Developing lightweight and compact SAE Level-4 autonomous shuttles, Auve Tech offers a full-scope service that also entails the vehicles´ integration to various environments and fleet management. The autonomous electric shuttles, suitable for multiple urban and suburban settings, are developed to ease the last mile transit and delivery challenges.

Who is it for?

  • Urban environments where public transportation struggles to provide effective solutions for the demand
  • Suburban environments where public transportation does not cover the last mile
  • Gated communities and closed service areas such as airports, industrial parks, campuses that need sustainable and smart solutions for the transportation of staff or goods
  • Zoos, amusement parks, resorts, and other leisure and tourism venues where autonomous last-mile mobility can ease the logistics.

International projects

Auve Tech shuttles have been tested in harsh weather and road conditions.

  • In Lamia, Greece, Auve Tech shuttles served over 300 customers for 46 days, covering a total of 1930 km. In Greece, the company cooperated with the Solaride team, taking advantage of the burning hot sun, and placed solar panels on the shuttles’ roofs, which provided an additional energy source.
  • In Tampere, Finland, the autonomous shuttles improved reachability and attractiveness with public transportation. The feedback was marvelous, and the passengers liked the idea of autonomous shuttles covering the last mile.

EyeVi – on-demand mapping technology

EyeVi Technologies offers an on-demand mapping technology. Their complete mobile mapping solution captures high accuracy geodata cost-effectively and fast using AI.
The product consists of a sensor-agnostic mapping hardware set and a software package that includes on-the-field application DataCapture, DataFlow processing pipeline, and the EyeVi Visual Interface – an end-user platform. Raw data can be extrapolated, processed, and more than twenty features extracted.

Main customer segments

  • Road survey and inspection agencies
  • Infrastructure asset managers
  • Engineering and design firms
  • Road consultants

International projects

Ridango – helping millions of people use public transport simply and seamlessly

Ridango is creating smarter mobility through efficient and future-proof public transport IT solutions. As a tech company, they focus on public transport ticketing, payment, and real-time passenger information systems. Ridango´s scalable technology is designed to serve transport systems of any size, large or small. The company is also one of the most proven account-based ticketing and contactless bank card acceptance providers for public transport globally.

Who is it for?

  • Public Transport Authorities (PTA) & Public Transport Operators (PTO)
  • Cities, other municipalities, and regions.  

International projects

Being one of the most proven account-based ticketing and contactless bank card acceptance providers for public transport globally, Ridango has successfully executed multiple projects in Nordic countries and the CEE region.

  • Ridango was the first in the Nordics to bring contactless bank card payments into public transport. In 2019 the company rolled out the contactless bank card payment in Skåne, Sweden, and a little later in Malmö.
  • The company implemented an account-based ticketing system in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, with a population of almost 3 million people.
  • One good example of how Ridango can execute a project, regardless of the size, is Greenland Nuuk’s capital with its 19000 inhabitants. Ridango has provided and is operating a ticketing system there since 2016. Compared to Kyiv, it’s tiny, but the people in Nuuk still can enjoy all the same benefits of the modern public transport ticketing solution.

Sixfold – the most accurate real-time visibility service in the market

Sixfold solves supply chain visibility challenges. It uses machine learning and AI to improve real-time visibility and deliver valuable business intelligence that customers wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This allows them to cut costs, better optimise their supply chain and gain a competitive advantage.

Who is it for?

  • FMCG & retail
  • Construction and building materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Pulp and paper
  • Businesses in the third-party logistics, chemical, agriculture, and household goods industries.

Big corporations and world-renowned brands among the clientele 

Sixfold’s real-time logistics visibility platform is a fundamental business tool for many of Europe’s largest corporations and world-renowned brands:

  • Beiersdorf
  • Nestlé
  • Coca-Cola European Partners
  • Tesco
  • Rockwool
  • Südzucker
  • STI Freight Management
  • Saint-Gobain.

Recently, Sixfold made headlines because the company and a team of volunteers developed an application that facilitates a more efficient distribution and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccines. The app is now being used by family physicians and the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.





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