European Commission Releases 2016 Digital Economy and Society Index

Estonia has been praised for its use and development of Digital Public Services ranking first within the EU, according to the recently published DESI rankings. Overall, Estonia made gains according to the report moving up one spot to number 7 in the EU.

“Estonia has been at the forefront of online public services for a few years is the best performing country in Europe in 2016,” the report states.

Estonia ranked number one in eGovernment users and in pre-filled forms. The small Baltic nation has also been designated at a country that is “running ahead”; these are countries “that perform well and that have been developing at a pace that allows them to further distance themselves from the EU average.”

Estonia is still working to catch up in developing human capital, specifically graduates with competencies in STEM. However, use of the Internet continues to increase, Estonia ranks 2nd in use of online banking (91%) and consumption of online news (90%).

The full report for Estonia can be found here.

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