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e-Estonia celebrated a milestone in February as it issued its  100,000th e-Residency ID card, being the first country to introduce such a scheme. Amidst this achievement, the e-Residency program is just one of several initiatives empowering foreign nationals with Estonia’s benefits and unlocking a world of possibilities for ambitious minds from around the globe.

Today, the idea of a “global village” resonates more powerfully than ever. Traditional borders are dissolving, and our once-disparate world is intricately linked by digital pathways, presenting unparalleled opportunities spanning continents. Estonia stands out as a visionary architect of this global village, breaking down geographical barriers and shrinking distances. This small nation thrives on innovation, providing a fertile ground for entrepreneurial ideas to flourish and embrace borderless identities in the age of remote work. Three transformative initiatives – the e-Residency,  Startup Visa and  Digital Nomad Visa – converge to weave this tapestry of endless opportunities. 

The digital nomad visa – embrace the world as your office

Imagine a lifestyle where your office is not bound by walls or borders, where you can immerse yourself in new cultures and experiences while pursuing your professional aspirations. Shafi Musaddique, a  British journalist and writer, embodies the essence of the digital nomad visa. Having relocated to Estonia under this program earlier this year, he enjoys the freedom to work remotely, continuing his career while also exploring the country and its environs.  

Applying for the Estonian digital nomad visa proved to be a straightforward and hassle-free process for Shafi. Within 15 minutes, he completed the online application, and within five days, his application was approved. Shafi notes comparing the visa program with those of other European countries. Ultimately, Estonia’s streamlined application process, the information in English and the country’s proximity to diverse locations, which was crucial due to his profession, played a significant role in his final decision.

Shafi highlights that several aspects of the country have greatly enhanced his digital nomad experience since moving to Estonia. Among these is the quality of life, which starkly contrasts what’s obtainable in London. Additionally, numerous opportunities, probably even more than what’s available to the average foreign national, have opened up for him. He points out that while living in Estonia has come with its fair share of challenges, such as the limitations of the digital nomad visa to the typical state offerings, it has been a great experience.

e-Residency – unleashing the power of a borderless identity

Estonia’s e-residency program is a transformative solution in a world where borders often restrict opportunities. Edilson Osorio Jnr, the founder of  OriginalMy, experienced the immense potential of the initiative firsthand. Facing bureaucratic challenges and fierce hostility in Brazil, Osorio urgently sought a new home for his company.

In search of jurisdiction with favourable legislation, reduced costs, and a supportive ecosystem, Osorio and his team conducted extensive research on various countries. Estonia emerged as the top choice to establish the regulatory technology and blockchain capabilities-intensive company — moreover, Estonia’s commitment to nurturing startups and its vibrant ecosystem aligned perfectly with OriginalMy’s needs. Opting for Estonia, Osorio took the first step by applying under the e-residency scheme, unlocking the digital haven’s possibilities.

He praises Estonia’s solid digital infrastructure and tight-knit startup community, which has played a pivotal role in the remarkable growth and success of ventures like his own. He also admires the government’s active involvement in nurturing the startup ecosystem, highlighting that it’s like no other he has seen. Meanwhile, Osorio has since relocated to the country via the startup visa. 


Startup visa – Igniting entrepreneurial dreams

Estonia’s startup visa creates a nurturing space for visionary founders to transform their ideas into reality. One such success story is Ibrahim Bashir, a Nigerian entrepreneur who set up the fintech company  Dillali in the country. Dillali, a mobile-first income and expense management tool, simplifies bookkeeping and offers a thoroughly mapped digital footprint of financial data. This solution, available in multiple indigenous languages, promotes financial literacy and empowers entrepreneurs and stakeholders to make informed decisions, addressing a critical gap for African businesses.

For Ibrahim, the startup visa’s standout feature is its access to the European market, allowing entrepreneurs to establish their companies, validate products or services, and build valuable networks while benefiting from Estonia’s advanced digital infrastructure. He notes that the supportive ecosystem within the nation has played a vital role in Dillali’s journey, providing access to accelerators, diverse entrepreneurial networks, and investments.

Although the startup visa presents opportunities for global impact, Ibrahim shares that there have also been some challenges, such as setting up bank accounts, particularly for non-EU founders, and securing investments for African markets. Despite these hurdles, he remains optimistic, pointing to the successes of companies like Bolt in Africa and the growing recognition of the continent’s potential among investors. Notably, Startup Wise Guys, which also backs Dillali, currently has its Africa acceleration program open, further showcasing the increasing interest in the region.

A confluence of opportunities: Digital nomad visa, e-residency, and startup visa

Estonia’s digital nomad visa, e-residency, and startup visa initiatives cater to distinct needs. Yet, they synergistically converge, forming a robust ecosystem embodying the country’s digital empowerment vision. Digital nomads like Shafi, empowered by the digital nomad visa, can work from anywhere in the world, including Estonia, while benefiting from its supportive infrastructure and unique cultural experiences.

Entrepreneurs utilising e-residency, as Osorio did initially, can remotely establish and manage their businesses, tapping into Estonia’s trusted digital infrastructure. The startup visa further enriches this equation, enabling founders like Ibrahim to establish their ventures in Estonia, connect with a vibrant startup community, and access international markets. 

As the world grapples with the complexities of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Estonia stands as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a future where entrepreneurship knows no physical or digital borders, innovation thrives, and dreams become a reality. Whether a digital nomad seeking lifestyle change, an entrepreneur seeking a supportive ecosystem, or an individual with a vision for change, Estonia invites ambitious minds worldwide to join its digital renaissance and shape a brighter future.


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