Enter e-Estonia: the background and basic principles

Here at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, we meet daily with international visitors eager to learn more about creating a digital state. In order to share this knowledge with even more people, we’ve created a ten-part video series that will dig deep into the background and specifics of Estonia’s digital society.

Over the upcoming 10 weeks, we will release a weekly video documenting the features and services of e-Estonia. The first video of the series serves as an introduction, and hints at what’s to come.

In this video: overview of e-Estonia

Estonia has been developing its digital sector since 1994, a mere 3 years after the restoration of independence. And now, 99% of government services are available online 24/7. Although you cannot get married, divorced, or complete real estate transactions with it (yet), Estonia’s electronic ID card allows for a wide variety of services to be completed online. Not only was it the first country to introduce i-voting in 2005, but users can file their taxes in a matter of minutes, or check their health records on their mobile phones.

Digitalising Estonia has been a long process and one that’s constantly evolving. With the introduction of e-residency in 2014, people from all over the world can now join this digital society. Data protection is of the utmost importance, and software innovations such as X-road allow for a secure, decentralised data exchange. At the same time, the user’s experience needs to be taken into account. User-friendliness is key, but so is educating the public on how to use these services.

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for videos pertaining to the three cornerstones of e-Estonia: e-identity, interoperability solutions, and cybersecurity. Moreover, topics such as e-health, e-governance, mobility services, e-education, business and finance, and e-residency will be discussed in greater detail over the course of the series.

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