e-Estonia podcast S3E6: “The digital pathfinders: Estonia and Ukraine’s strong tech partnership”

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Ukraine’s and Estonia’s history of collaboration in tech goes back to 2016 when Estonia started to help Ukraine to pave the way for the architecture of digital government. eGA and its partners created and implemented a data exchange platform Trembita, which ensures safe communication between state registers and information systems. When President Volodymyr Zelenskyy came into office in 2019, he focused on citizen-centric e-government, and the collaboration between the two countries deepened even more. But fast forward to spring 2023 – Estonia is launching its first state app mRiik, based on the Ukranian app Diia. We are honoured to have Estonian Government CIO Luukas Kristjan Ilves, the project manager of mRiik Nikolai Kornõšev and Mstyslav Banik, the head of the eServices development in the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, to discuss the deep collaboration between Estonia and Ukraine, the future interoperability of the countries and the EU and the challenges of a digital nation. 

🎧︎ Listen to the episode on  Apple Podcast, and Spotify and find out:

  • How Ukrainian digital success has motivated Estonia to move on;
  • What does resilience mean in times of war;
  • How is Estonia’s “copy of Ukraine” plan going;
  • What’s behind Ukrain’s Super-app Diia;
  • How Estonia and Ukraine are collaborating in the digital sphere;
  • How not to reinvent the wheel and learn from each other;
  • Interoperability between mRiik and Diia and EU digital wallet;
  • The concept of a personalised state;
  • How not to fall into the legacy trap;
  • The discomfort of competition.

🎧︎ Listen to the episode on  Apple Podcast, and Spotify


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