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Anett Numa of e-Estonia

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Have you got plans for September 24? We suggest joining the Davos Digital Forum 2020. If you are into the latest news and hottest solutions in e-Governance, sign up to hear the keynote by e-Estonia’s Digital Transformation Adviser Anett Numa. If smart cities and AI are on your radar, join the two workshops led by Ms. Numa and our second Digital Transformation Adviser, Florian Marcus.

New technologies and digitalisation efforts directly impact all aspects of life, both societally and economically. Covid-19 has made clear how dependent we are on each other in this interconnected economy. The opportunities, risks, and unintended consequences are still subject to much discussion. It is indisputable is that we are all participants in this new, data-driven economy, and we have to come to terms with what this means.

The Davos Digital Forum tackles a wide range of different digitalisation aspects. Since 2018, this national and international think tank and the hands-on event have been held to show how to implement digital solutions in your environment. And, naturally, e-Estonia couldn’t miss this event to share all of our know-how as one of the world’s leading digital societies.

Hot stuff 2020 from e-Estonia

Our Digital Transformation Adviser Anett Numa, gives a keynote titled “Hot stuff 2020 – new solutions from Estonia”.


You will hear the latest news about Estonia’s National AI strategy.  Ms. Numa will also let you in on all the newest proactive and seamless government services.

Solutions for smart cities

If you are after the hottest smart city solutions, you wouldn’t want to miss a workshop led by our Digital Transformation Adviser Florian Marcus.


We will be showcasing two Estonian companies – Auve Tech and Visory. Auve Tech specialises in the development and manufacturing of autonomous vehicles and smart transportation systems. Visory helps make informed strategic decisions with AI using any camera feed.

AI to the rescue

AI is all the rage right now, and naturally, one of the world’s leading digital nations has a thing or two to showcase. e-Estonia’s Anett Numa, lets you know all of Estonia’s latest AI developments. And you’ll also get a more in-depth look at Veriff, a company that collects more data points than any other identity verification provider in the world. Another Estonian company, Pactum, offers a contract negotiation AI tool for large corporations involved in thousands of supplier contracts. Pactum helps bring all the “hidden values” in smaller vendor contracts humanly impossible to keep track of.

Looking forward to e-seeing you at the Davos Digital Forum on September 24! 


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